Megastar will also provide DPZ with the necessary Fabric management tools.


After putting faith in Megastar for the replacement and modernization of its backbone network, the Provincial Government of Zaragoza has once again opted for the Aragonese integrator to improve its electronic network.

Miguel Martínez, head of systems for the department of new technologies at the Provincial Government of Zaragoza, comments: “The campus network infrastructure was made up of switches that were quite a few years old. In addition, the communications between the cores barely reached 1 Gb of speed«


Some of the switches installed by Megastar

For his part, Jesús Castro, head of Megastar’s technical service, points out: «With the change in the user network and the expansion and incorporation of Dell PowerSwitch N2200 series switches for Pluribus management, DPZ manages to significantly improve its electronic network. We have implemented the Colorado software, which allows us to administer and manage the entire infrastructure of the campus network. Added to this, we also managed to increase the speed of communication between the cores, becoming 25Gb

We have once again placed our trust in Megastar to achieve a better data flow in the network, ensuring continuous operation and better management of the campus network system. We are now prepared for future demands for network connection points” highlights Martínez.

«Finally, these new Dell PowerSwitch S-series switches also allow for core access redundancy, expanding both the number of ports and the need for PoE points«, Castro points out.

The Provincial Government of Zaragoza (DPZ) is a public administration that encompasses the 293 municipalities of the province of Zaragoza to which it offers various services to its citizens, from the collection, transport and treatment of waste, the purification of wastewater, the facilitation so that municipalities have the figure of a secretary or an auditor, up to agreements with the Community Board for the arrangement of rural roads and secondary roads that facilitate intercommunication between municipalities, the structuring and territorial cohesion.

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